Bradford kids

bradford kids

Our Bradford Kids mission is to provide direction to our students for Christian service and love.  We will demonstrate love to each of these children by loving them and their classmates as well.  We emphasize teaching and modeling servanthood, and including the children in ministry opportunities.  They are never to young to make an impact in God's kingdom!  Above all else, we will teach and deeply root the Word of God into every area of their lives.

Girl's Clubs

For girls in first through sixth grade, our Girls "Belles" club, strives to encourage and uplift our girls to become strong, empowered young women of God, modeling purity of heart, sincerity of worship, in-depth knowledge of the Word of God, and an effective prayer life of the Christian young woman.

royal rangers

Royal Rangers is for boys in first through sixth grade, and provides training for our boys to become the powerful men of faith that God has called them to be.  We teach them to be the outstanding men of their families, the Church, and of our communities that are dependable and can be relied upon.  

We desire for every one of our rangers to know in their hearts that they love the Lord and that He loves them, and that they are confident in spreading His love and His message of hope to everyone.